In fact, our data shows that the technology, finance, and telecommunication industries tend to offer much higher salaries for network engineers. For example, network engineers make a whopping average salary of $90,927 while working in the technology industry. Meanwhile, other people in this field are making $90,519 in the finance industry and $82,583 in the telecommunication industry.

  • Network engineers, who are also referred to as network architects, can earn a sizable salary.
  • Overall, the average salary is quite favorable when compared to most other positions in the market.
  • One of the best paying and most stable roles within networking is that of a network engineer.
  • We broke down Network Engineer salaries by education level in order to make a comparison.
  • Most employers will require candidates to have a four-year college degree.
  • ” then read this helpful guide covering the network engineer salary range, education requirements, and career path opportunities.

The people who get the highest bonuses are usually somehow involved in the revenue generation cycle. If the experience level is between fifteen and twenty years, then the expected wage is 5,670 EUR per month, 7% more than someone with ten to fifteen years of experience. Location impacts how much a network engineer can expect to make. Network engineers make the most in California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada.

Step 1: Get the Necessary Education

While this might seem like an intimidating list to master, keep in mind that network engineering roles may have levels of seniority. A junior-level network engineer might only focus on a smaller subset of responsibilities that grows with time, experience and education. While a bachelor’s degree may fetch you a Network Engineer’s position, you have better job prospects when you complete your master’s degree, especially if you’re aiming for leadership roles. You can choose a specialization that further sharpens your skills, such as an online postgraduate degree in cyber security.


A network engineer and a network architect both specialize in optimizing efficiency by establishing and maintaining high-performing networks. A network architect makes the plans, whereas a network engineer oversees the execution.

What is a Network Engineer’s Salary?

This means that the average Network Engineer in Netherlands earns approximately 24 EUR for every worked hour. Employees that support and facilitate the work of revenue generators. Their expertise is usually different from that of the core business operations. Revenue GeneratorsSupporting CastEmployees that are directly involved in generating revenue or profit for the organization. Their field of expertise usually matches the type of business.

  • Performance—monitoring and troubleshooting network systems for new ways to improve performance.
  • An entry-level Network Engineer with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total salary of ₹253,702 per year.
  • Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t report on network engineers specifically, we can use its reporting on network and computer systems administrators to get an idea of the job outlook.
  • Engineers must be able to collaborate with people at all levels of the organization, both inside and outside of IT.
  • Network engineer earns an average of $41.96 per hour, monthly salary start from $4,214 and go up to $10,940.

Years’ how to become a windows network engineer in a cloud environment, preferably Azure as a cloud network engineer and administrator.. Become the Newest Member of the VF Family The Senior Network Engineer candidate.. The senior network engineer will be a primary contributor in the architecture, design, implementation..

Payscale of a Network Engineer on Experience Level

A network engineer is a tech professional who plans, builds, and manages the infrastructure of a network. In some cases, a network engineer may also focus heavily on network design and mapping, but many organizations hire a network architect to focus on that phase of network development. Once you have reached your goal of becoming a professional network engineer, you will be glad you put in the time and effort.

  • Network engineers’ job centers around their employer’s computer network designs and implementations.
  • In addition to working with a diverse group of employees and departments, you’ll be able to continue learning and growing as you stretch to think outside the box.
  • The ideal candidate will have proven experience and strong working knowledge in network architecture..

With a bachelor’s degree in hand, future network engineers generally start with an entry-level position as a network technician. As their skills progress, they may advance to a junior network engineer role. From there, professionals can pursue several different directions within the network engineering field. Several senior network engineer are available in top freelance marketplace. The profession is one of the most rewarding ones, with engineers getting promoted to other IT positions being the usual practice. Given that a number of certification options is available in addition to relevant degrees, a network engineer may easily redirect the career towards the desired path. This is around 2.9 times more than the median wage of the country.

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